We should add different clearances

We should add different clearances to prevent the lower ranks from attempting to enter rooms that they aren’t allowed in, for example, the control room. Having a clearance can really help to prevent spawn killing (by giving criminals the lowest form of clearance so they can only help others break out of prison and not enter the ERT room or etc.)

  1. We can have Clearance I (Most basic form of clearance, allows access to the yard, cellblocks, cafeteria, and gates.); For all ranks and teams.

  2. Clearance II (Allows access to the spawn area of all officers, except for High Command Offices); For all ranks.

  3. Clearance III (Allows access to the control room); For COMM+ only.

  4. Clearance IV (Allows full access to the prison); For DW+ only.

Ultimately, I feel that clearances will be a great addition to Stateview prison, for it can prevent low-rankers from abusing the Lockdown system, and it can help prevent criminals from spawn killing officers. The different clearances can help prevent people from going into places they shouldn’t. I hope the developers see this.

Sincerely, Oriondasiac
Rank: W
Date: 26th of July, 2021


Yes i think this is a good idea because the number to times DW+ tell ERT- to leave the room since you need to be commander +

YES, I agree, this can prevent some irresponsible staffs to play with the LD button it is annoying, some are ok they listened some are like a tree, it won’t give a response.

I have to agree, just the amount of times I have to tell people under ERT to leave is just… yeah…

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I don’t really agree because a lot of MOs use CR to get to cell block.


But this would help the game feel more realistic. It’s not very realistic to see a medical officer in a control room just walking around in a actual prison.

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Let me guess, your a MO.

-Dd3819 (W)

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Maybe it would, seeing a Medical Officer in the control room is a bit… suspicious… (In real life of course)


pugsforeveryeet, Deputy Warden.

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No i’m not a MO i’m a Deputy Warden.

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Yep I agree with it Im getting tired at telling lvl 5 CO to leave Control room when there messing with the lights and opening and closing cell doors

SUS the MO is SUS. When the MO is sus.

This is a great idea, keep creating good ideas!!

Yep, In my opinion we should just make a button DW+ can press that would respawn all the ERT- in the CR to prevent people from staying there

That would be abused so much. Not even us Wardens should have that much power. I say just add a new rule that after 3 warnings we can kick them for being in control room and not listening.

It cant be abused that much? It only resets ERT and below who are in the control room

What about riot shifts. A DW just got the rank and uses the rest for ERT.

Its called Riot Protocol(RP) not Riot Shifts.

It is RPC (Riot Protocol) not RP.

Dd3819 (W)

That would be abused I’d say make it W+ or make it so they can come in and only be in there for 30 seconds.

That cant really be abused, it only respawns them. It could have a 5 sec cooldown but blubs idea would be good to add.