Weapon Suggestion

Hey guys,

I suggest that stateview update the gun system to ACS (Advanced Combat System)

Why it should be implemented:

  • Allows for a wider range of weapons other than the 3 default ones we have right now.
  • Vests, Helmets and Shields could actually protect the officer.
  • The ACS system allows medics to have more of a purpose, Instead of dying when an officer shoots you It will down you and require a medic.

It’s easy to install into games and is fairly easy to customise.

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Sounds like a really cool add-on.

adding a shotgun would be nice for PI+,

This is a prison game not a war game.

Dd3819 (W)


They can add weapons but don’t like make a team that have it make a division, the divisions will include Sniper, Riot control, and many other else.

They could also add ranks for prisoners too so it will be more interesting.

Most prisons have these types of things. I agree with vest but not more guns.

iraswag07 (W)

Thats a big lie right here, no prisons in this world even have guns.