Weapons Update -

Weapon Update Proposal

I think the weapon game pass in our game is too powerful and needs to be changed. It’s making the game much harder for staff to enjoy. It’s frustrating when players who have bought permanent weapons and keycards abuse the system by quickly rejoining the game after being put in solitary, disrupting sessions and ruining the roleplay experience for others. I believe there should be an update to balance out these game passes.

Solution: To make the weapon game passes fairer for everyone, I suggest implementing a cooldown on weapons whenever a player using contraband from a game pass is killed. This cooldown should last at least 5 minutes or longer. If a player uses the !rejoin command, it should reset their weapon cooldown. This would prevent inmates in maximum security from abusing their game passes. This solution:

  1. Makes the game more balanced and fair for all players.
  2. Prevents players from abusing their game passes.
  3. Doesn’t remove anyone’s game pass or its permanent benefits.

I see only benefits if this becomes a new feature. I hope others share my frustration and agree with me. If you do, please like the post to bring attention to it and share your opinions in the comments!


Good luck getting someone to actually do this

Just ■■■■ no

Just why

This is not needed at all.

if it means that my sessions wont be raided 24/7 then i will have to agree with this

Please can you give me a reason of why you disagree I am curious on what you think.

The gampass isn’t supposed to be fair.

Cuz I didnt spend robux on guys just wait 30000 hours for them to come back.

I don’t understand how 5 minutes is 30000 hours. I understand people payed for their items but it does not mean people should abuse them. My solution does not remove the gamepass its just a time limit on them. I know that people payed for their gamepasses and thats what I was careful of when writing this to make the feature not too limiting for people who payed robux for items. I think this feature is fair because imagine guards just being killed because people have like inf guns for an unlimited amount of time. I want to make this feature as balanced as possible for guards and inmates. If you still disagree with me then fine but I just want to make it clear.

Thank you!

It wouldn’t be fair to the people that already owned the guns.

In my opinion its balanced also the time may not be 5 minutes it can be something like 2 minutes but I totally think its fair especially since so many people just abuse !rejoin which makes it a lot more unfair for guards.

I think I would like to change my point actually and say, if you’ve cuffed an inmate then they do !rejoin then they should have their weapons disabled for 5 minutes. What do you think of that?

Well in my opinion, it is not fair.