What are the training times (like when they are)

You know I would like to go to a training, but what are the times that they start?

Could you please tell me the training times by replying to this post thank you.

There are no set training times, FD+ host whenever they feel like it.

Hello, MrSlugmoon!
Trainings are hosted 0-24, because there are FDs of many timezone.
Trainings are likely hosted 30 minutes between each other.
If you have any more question, feel free to ping me!


Hello, @Slugie,

Trainings do not have a set time when they are hosted due to that the FD+ are in different timezones. They are also hosted randomly, so you don’t know when the next one is being hosted but they are hosted pretty often every day. If you want to know if someone is currently hosting a training and if you are able to join, you can check that in the sessions channel in the communication server.
If you have any further questions, you can react to this message or directly message me.

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Yes. I want to know that post is still alive + stop be toxic plz.

Yeah they are hosted about every thirty minutes between each parts.