What does this button do?

So I took a break from Stateview and now I’m back; obviously, things have changed. But there is one change I have noticed.


I have three main questions about this.

1. What does it do?
2. Is it like a certain rank can use it?
3. When should it be used?

Thank you if you can explain.


I may be wrong but I suppose that’s the button to turn on the Evacuation alarm. It should only be used during Evacuation Drills during shifts, and I guess the minimum rank is CP+ or FD+. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Since when?

Is this new?

Okay, nevermind I’ve found it on the shift guide. I swear I’ve never seen it before

exactly, this button is used for evacuation drills

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This is the evac alarm, it can be activated by Overseer command members or BoG+

(If you don’t know what Overseer command is It’s a new department check announcements)

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