What is BAD in SV

  1. Lazy MR+.(I do not mean everyone. Some od them are actually not Łazy)
    Reason: at discord moderators are too lazy to translate not english posts, but are telling to non-Eglish guy to use translator on trainings.
  2. BC sessions.
    Reason? You think I need reason? Well… No fall ins.
  3. “I will choose someone else on co you hungry SI, because you was begging for it”.
    Why… Just why… You guys are not choosing beggars, because they are begging? You guys want to get a co host right? But because you was begging no. When I would become CP I would want it, because for hosting shift there would be no problem with getting co host. And you guys want an experienced co hosts
    What are FD+. Think about it next time.
  4. To do not be told “hungry SI” I would tell next things what are just bad. I think while W+ had a Gamepass admin everyone abused it exept some SI’s and every CP. That was only proof that W+ can’t get any more perms, but for CP there should be admin. Before was Gamepass and Like 800 CPs, but it got changed.

And these are my top 4 reasons why amongus good.

Do you mean bias? I agree you don’t need a reason

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Yea. Before was good but they had to change it.

Sorry for maybe disrespecting some CPs for calmimg them “lazy”, but think about it.

Yea, this is absolutely ridiculous - getting a promotion for begging

I meant here that you was begging for co-host and someone need it. And because you was begging they want to make you mad for not giving you co-host.

SI can’t Co-host it’s CP+ for co-hosting and FD+ for hosting

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Huh? That’s what you said

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Letz uhhhhhhh, maybe do not discuss about it?

Okay, kapi. I imagine it’s useless anyway