What is the Quota of all the ranks?

I really want to know what quota ranks have

I know that Quota starts from CP, but I always wondered what quota other ranks have. Please tell me in the comments.


Here you can look through all the ranks and their qoutas on the wiki

Thanks! Going there right now.

This is more accurate

No it’s not, BoD is still on there, it also says Chairperson is not obtainable from sessions. And I believe Esb678 just copied the info from this topic and im guessing sky just copied the Staff rank information.

It is totally inaccurate as you actually can get promoted to Chairperson from sessions (only inspections) and Facility directors too (with stateview leadership).

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No I didn’t copy.

Pyou aren’t garunteed a promo from inspections, they usually just look at you stats if you pass and may promo you if they look good

I know but you would still count it as passing a session right?



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