What’s SW as in reforms?

Sometimes, in reforms when someone misses activity it chnages to [rank]+SW what does this mean.


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SW stands for staff warning


Lol imagine

SW stands for staff warning

After 3 staff warnings you get demoted by one rank

And once you are demoted, you will be depressed

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No you might be like lostinthashit and try to resign when you have already resigned for attention
Or for short, being a retard

It is a Staff warning if you get one utility bot will DM you,

SW means Staff Warning, it’s complicated for me since i didn’t got it but like if you don’t complete quota it’s demotion or SW.

Imagine: i’m a stupid commandeer that abusing have 3 warns,and i will demoted to ert,but i’m can still claim the commander rank and i will commandeer

Then you’ll be rank locked to ERt

F-forever? If forever,i will be try hard player that just plays by the rules

Sorry it’s a termination and rank-lock ( the rank lock is forever)

And if you somehow bypass that you’ll get another termination and rank-lock and if you somehow bypass THAT it’ll be a blacklist (I think that’s right)


Remove the characters3…

they are stricter than ROBLOX moderation.

Yes Roblox reports barely get looked at

Hello, @arandomhooman !
SW stands for Staff Warning, given by in-game admins.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ping me with @Sluper_cat .


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