What sessions would you like to be added that would have to do with cars?

Community Management would like to know what kind of session you would like to see in the future dealing with vehicles?

These sessions will obviously be for fun, as we do not want to force people to do something they dont want to.

Please respond with your ideas!

A reverse RPC sort of thing, where the criminals have set posts to guard and the staff must attempt to take the city.


OR a possibility of waves 4, 5, and 6 in an RPC. If in wave 3 the crim leader gets arrested you enter wave 4. In wave 4 the criminals must break out the criminal leader. In wave 5 the staff must plan an attack on the city, the criminals plan a deffense. In wave 6 the staff raid the city and attempt to take the criminal leader.


Some kind of response training what normal police would do. They trip a alarm somewhere and look at the time police needs to respond. Ik were a prison game but that would give the game more life and it would be fun to attend. Wouldnt be a long session and it would be just for fun and activity like a shift. Maybe even add a best driver system like the hardest worker in shifts.

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Adding onto this criminals during this session would have their own arrest tool called “hostage” or something like that. This tool would only be granted during these circumstances with a wave 4, 5, 6 in an RPC.
This way they could take the staff leader hostage to win.

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that’s a great idea ngl, but how are they gonna get it? plus, if they die, it’ll remove the tool

Maybe a special RPC command or something like that to spawn it

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What about just a race for fun? Its obvioulsy but this could be fun see who can control better or see who get eliminated by crashing the car.

It’s an awesome idea but I think it would take too long if there were more waves in an RPC so I suggest making this a new session.

Police chase protocol :drooling_face:

It would be cool to have the host play as an escapee in a vehicle with a 10 second headstart, and then all of the session attendees peel out of the prison with lights and sirens to coordinate a capture.


A PI radioed they sighted an escapee in a car, and a warden and I teamed up to give chase; lights, sirens, and speed. The criminal ended up evading capture, but it was so fun to spot him, jump out of the car and try to nab him. And we were using the radio the entire time, seeing who had spot him, what location, what plan.

Might be cool. :star_struck:

Sounds really cool but a few issues.

  • The escapee wouldnt stand a chance

  • People could just shoot the criminal down

  • Cars get stuck often

  • The map is too small for an actual chase

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Mm, that’s true. :thinking:


Great idea.

Signed, robloxe00755 (Mark) PI - DW