What would you like to see added to stateview?

Put your best ideas down in the replies and we can discuss them (serious suggestions only pls)


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ur mom in this game ig ngl but uh ok

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90yahBOSS supervision services role

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yes that would be marvellous ngl

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pls only serious suggestions


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awp made better because atm its bad af

this is a very serious suggestion

stateview batman


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I dont know lol what about a cadet officer spawn that is at the eletric chair

thats already added


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thats not a good idea you know cadets love to abuse the hell out of that chair

blud we want awp made better is trash atm

Thats facts gty you are so pro omg?



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The basement to finally be added, there could be a kind of course down there (Parkour) that can be done for Trainings/Advanced Trainings. Removing either questions or scenarios for this section to be introduced because they are not too apart from eachother.

Bring back infirmary staff team

A good suggestion on the forums that gets added

Due to the massive amount of cuff,tool and many other style of abuse found in every server, I feel we should add a basic staff training. In this training you will learn the basics. The basics include:

  • Terminology (10- codes)
  • Tools and when to use them
  • hierarchy (Ranks and where each can go and who to talk to)
  • Sitautions (Inmate passing the red line, an inmate shooting at you and a commander abusing LD or authority.)

This being added should limit the abuse we see to trollers only and not uneducated new members. Not only this we can see a limitation in intake of cadets to serious and dedicated members. Thanks again for listening to our suggestions.

Make it a mandatory training needed to rank up to PI.