When u switch teams or die u can't use transmitter on MOBILE

  • Description U cant use transmitter/radio on mobile when u switch teams or died.
  • How often does it occur alot a lot.
  • Where does it occur everytime: in game.
  • How to reproduce: Add a button?
  • Video showing the bug: no video but i have a pic when i was at shift u can see no transmitter
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You click this:

Idk if you know already, but this is the solution.

Stop reviving dead posts, in this case it just doesn’t make any sense because MAYBE there was a bug that made this happen.

@goodbee No one had noticed this before me

Still, this was 7 months ago, they likely got it working.

Hasn’t said it works yet tho. It’s not solved

This is 7 months ago! They either quit SV or found out how it works.

Still @UXF_DAVID has not said he’s worked it out.