Who is an RI and how to become an RI?

I saw sometimes in a Shift/Training an RI. (Respected Inmate) And I saw he has a gun, keycard, etc. So I’m wondering, how to become one. But first, who is a RI?


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A RI is a retired high rank, most likely that they were a retired PC+ and that answers both of these questions
jerryomgxu - FD (very pro one)

A respected inmate is a person that has the rank of prison commissioner+ that chose to resign. Sometimes (but rarely) a FD or a CAC. The privileges of a RI are that you can stay in the SR at any time. But, a CAC needs to team you to the MO team. I think that is all.
-Knight_Blox9977, Warden.

you can get it if your resign as PC+, and sometimes as CAC

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He’s trolling :roll_eyes:

an ri is for resigned PC+

  • if you have been cac for some time, you could possibly do this, but do not do this to see if u get ri,
  • to get ri, you need to resign as PC+
  • ris may be in SR