Whole Prison Control Center - (WPCC)

WPCC has three control areas:

Camera Area

Basically a second camera area

Light Control/Coded Lockdowns

Controls Lights in every room. Realistically saving energy.

Drone Control

Controls a drone that tracks every officer. NO GUNS ARE ON THIS

What about letting drones controlled by officers(over a certain rank) patrol the outer layer of the prison?(drones cant go out of the prison like city and crim spawn.

Oh why do i keep answering on dead posts sorry

No, all this will do is cause CPA.

Except it would cause alot of abuse, drones could be pretty cool, but they will probably lag alot.

Signed, Facility Director, ToMys0987.

The Control Room could be only avalible to Warden or SI+ to prevent abuse and spams, and could be locked by Chairsmen to prevent abuse in roleplay events. Also, it could have a variety of alarms like Riot, Raid, Evacutation, Fire, and more. By a Stateview Corrections PI [Prision Inspector]