Why Aidens are the best

Aidens are very cool.Here are some reasons why.
.There name is Aiden
.There names start with a A.
.There are lots of Aidens
.Aidens are Aidens
.Aiden are just cool

.These are few reasons why Aidens a cool.If you like Aidens your valid and Aidens are cool because there Aidens and Aidens are very cool.
I’m not just saying this because I am a aiden(;

Kinda random but ok :melting_face: anyways the name Elijah is on top


Aiden is indeed very cool, I can confirm :melting_face:

Thank you so much and you to😎Very cool guy

Got bored and Aidens are still very cool😎

Yuh (give me characters give me give me characters)

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