Why all will be hinting if talking about my self promotions?

I know it is not DC appeal lol, so got a wrong appeal, but if my appeal passed, then?
People still say “oh wow u hint”
But however I am just talking about my self promotions
I recommend u dont talk in chat, or all will be hint.

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And all my suggest will be forget, even SHR don’t care what I suggest, and now, FD look like a free rank, any reason all can be used, like “He attend 20 training and ready.” but what this reason mean “ready”?

Ready means like you could be canidate for CP or something like that.

i never have a chance to be cp cuz
first: i rarely play this game
second : i give up at the third training
third: training takes too long

What do you mean by this? This wholes post doesnt make much sense to me but this part really doesnt.

I dont think anyone would talk like this.

What do you mean by “self promotions”?

No clue, man.

Please don’t revive dead posts.

And now drumroll we have another revive by this man called luckymcnecroposter!