Why do I get damaged every time I shoot an inmate?

Get this. There’s some officers I want to shoot with my M4, and a crowd of inmates. I’m more likely to die from accidently shooting some inmates instead of being killed by a cops. Please remove this feature.

Because it is team killing, and it ruins RP. Just hit them instead.

Most of the officers are armed, how am I supposed to hit them? It’s really annoying and should be removed.

As an inmate? Yes, it’s hard, but just try your best.


The problem we have in-game is that if you are on the prisoner team and try to kill another prisoner or accidentally shoot them, the game thinks that you are trying to team kill. The result is that this will cause you to suffer damage, which unfortunately can´t be fixed at the moment because the developers are working hard on version 3 and won´t be able to bring an update/fix to V2

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Just make it similar to how an officer tries to shoot another officer (unless OC or HR), no one takes damage.