Why do I remember the baton

I think I remember the ERT rank has a baton, is this true. Or am I just trippin


it says it does… on the old outdated wiki.

They removed it from them and gave it to OC (I dont know if ERT+ had it before lol)


When, I remember it very recently


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Which page says that? I can’t find it.

Admin on the wiki

I just remembered it was on the Roblox forums… sorry:/

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ert had baton as well as mossberg 500 shotgun

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and some other guns i dont remember

There was a SHOTGUN???


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only overseer command has it


no bro overseer command dont get a shotgun, no one has shotgun, it was scrapped from the game completely you cant even give it to yourself with admin

bro ur the one that said there was…

no fam oc gets glock 43, m16, baton, awp, nerve agent, handcuffs, tazer and shield

hmmm :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

are you blind??? i said ERT not OC

blud u stupid… ur literally saying ERT had a baton AND the pump…

yes thats what i said, ert had a baton and a shotgun or wardens did ion remember, i never said oc has it

oh, ok


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o i was replying too the post not the msg above mine sorrryyyyyy