Why do we have to verify our phone number for the V2 discord

Ok when i first joined the discord i had to wait 10 minutes and verify my account but after awhile i left and came back only to see that you need a phone number to even do anything and now i cant even do patrol logs, so the people who run the discord server quick reminder. not everyone has a phone number

  • Darrionm13 (Aang)

Hello, Darrionm13

For the safety of everyone we need to have phone verification to prevent alt of accounts and raids. Also most of the people that are over 13+ haves a phone number, I know that some doesn’t but as old HR I can’t do anything, you may discuss this with 4D_X (Chairman of the Board).

Old Facility Director

I get your point with saying not everyone has a phone number but the TOS age for discord is 13 and most 13 year olds have a phone number and if not ask your parents if you can use their phone number to verify the account.