Why I think the rules are not transmitted well - and how it might be solved

So first: what exactly is my problem?

When a new player finds their way into SV, the rules they are faced with are likely pretty difficult to grasp at first, because that is what happened to me and the way some CAOs and up to PIs act remind me of what I was doing and thinking back then myself. I want bring the problem up together with ideas on how to improve our situation with new players in a more preventional way.

The root of the problem

When joining in for the first time, players have no rules to grab on to except for only the set of 3 boards on the wall of most rooms, containing just a very quick summary of some rules. But these boards alone are not enough by a longshot. Neither solitary confinement, nor maximum security, the execution chamber or area restrictions for guards are even mentioned, along with probably a lot more things. The only additional piece of information about rules in-game is found in the cadet officer quiz, wich can not be relied on. It states that repeatedly ignoring orders gets punished with maximum security, wich is false. Cadets putting inmates into max without a real valid reason are a symptom of this that can be seen regularly on most servers. Additionally, the modcall command in the quiz is typed !modcall, making it ineffective and rendering new players relying on the quiz unable to report abuse. Newbies watching others behave incorrectly will likely replicate that due to lack of better knowledge, thus creating a chain reaction wich keeps the CAOs problem alive.

Now what can we do about it?

I would love personal ideas from everyone on what to do about this, but this is what I’m thinking:

-Have all the rules for staff (Maybe just LR stuff at first) combined to be able to look into all rules and in-game guidelines on one page/book

-Update and verify it so corrupt rules don’t cause corrupt players

-display it in-game where everyone can access it and more likely will

-polish the cadet quiz

In the end, some trouble will always remain beacuse of trolls or young players unable to comprehend the rules correctly, but with transparency I have good hope that the community can benefit from an experience with a lot less misunderstandings and contridictions than we are dealing with right now.

Thanks for your attention!
-Racnon_277 (@Cyberwolf2500)


Sadly the developers have basically abandoned the game. They barely update and I even saw one of them abusing their tools to save criminals.

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