Why is CWOTB SHR and CMOTB owner?

Why is Chair woman of the board SHR and Chair man of the board owner?https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/832770511863414804/862780307114688512/unknown.png

Umm, that’s suspicious also a couple weeks ago all the CWOTB got demoted to BTD.

First of all they got demoted to COS by RoGuard, it’s not permeant in my knowledge.


Secondly not all CWOTB are female, for example GCAJ is a guy I think.


It is because the only CMOTB is Jimmy and he is the owner of sv.

No- there are like 4-5 CMOTB and its just the next rank after bdt if your a man

You do realize you can get terminated for saying that? Even though its a joke


What is going on in this topic???

Hinting is a bannable offence.

Hes a troller and we dont know his user, hes really annoying :confused: