Works for the inmates

Hello, I think it would be interesting to add work for the inmates as for example working in a laundry room or that the inmates can really cook in the canteen. His working hours would be independent of the others and I think it would be nice to place him after the shower. This would improve the PR of the game


It would be cool to have currency in the game, allowing inmates to buy guns, knives and cards when they get enough. They could also buy chips, sodas, etc. They could rake leaves, clean spills, cook food (to supply the canteen / shop), clean the walls, etc. This is a really nice feature, but any work the inmates do should result in a reward.

I also thing the contraband issue should be fixed, when someone is holding a gun / card / knife, a red box should appear above their head saying “CONTRABAND”, this box would be removed when the user is not holding it. This would help to prove if an inmate is holding something or not. The box would not show up if the inmate is holding something from the shop (such as things listed above).

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