Wrong grammar by trainers in faces sections

Hello, my user is Sasha_201110GH. I have attended many trainings in Stateview. In faces section trainers use a trick where to let attendees fall in it. Example of the trick: Reight face.
With this trick they try to fall attendees out, but the problem is that there are other trainers who make mistakes with grammar and say reight face ACCEDINTALLY and mark it a mistake for people who don’t right face.
So now attendees don’t know wether to right face or not when a trainer says reight face. I hope that SHR’s of stateview make this trick illegal for trainers.
Thank you!

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Well… how else would you make faces harder without spamming faces in chat?

it’s a way to make faces harder and it’s a way to train your attention, because sometimes it’s very limited. A lot of people make the same mistake of being “Control, face.” and we say, “Left, face.” and they’ll do it, we remind them of that at the beginning of the phase.

Itz_Ondra24, Community Advisory Council

Yeah, this is the correct explanation. :smiley:




Hello Itz_Ondra24,
I am not saying to make face easier, if this request cannot be accepted then I request the host of sessions to not make any grammar mistake ACCIDENTALY, and only make grammar mistake to trick people. Because if hosts kept doing grammar mistake accidentally and fail people who doesn’t right face then now attendees don’t know if the host did really make a grammar mistake or it it’s to trick attendees. Let me give you example:

A host did say: righ face (accidentally) and did fail attendees who didn’t right face. But there is another host who did say: reight face but did fail people who did right face. So now attendees don’t know exactly if the host did really make the mistake or not. So I request from hosts to not fail people who don’t right face when a host says reight face.
Thank you.

Did he say it was accedentally?

He says it was accidentally after failing the attender.

tbh there is no point of tricking players, it tests them on nothing but visual skills. i agree

@90yahBOSS Well, it does test reaction time