Xbox/ps bug ………

Can’t punch or revive on Xbox, specifically controller which makes it unfair since if prisoner you’ll be defenceless while getting beat up by a pc player, which punch button should be X and revive B in my opinion.

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You cant normally revive that easily on pc. Yet another buggy feature that has not and probably will not be fixed.

Piss off pc player I didn’t ask for your input go back to nerding out. Honestly pc players yall lucky we can’t make games on Xbox and make bugs for you pc players and not fix it that what I would do am that pissed.

Wow, this topic turned into a roast battle… anyways, not everyone wants to spend $1,000+ on a PC Ahem @SlayCatGaming @goodbee. just respect that @midnightreaper115 doesn’t own one.


Can you move this to Feature Requests, it fits it more than Bug Reports