You cannot vote kick Higher ranks than yourself

I was co-hosting in a training, on a main server, and I get VKA of it. I could not region, and it was so annoying, the person also put the dumbest reason ever. This should be altered I think. As its sooo annoying.


I agree, you should only be able to VK ranks equal to yours and lower, or just lower.

100% Agree, also it should be only a kick, not a serverban, as currently a DW literally can do the same as the worst command of an FD. (ban).

This is a great idea! I see people kicking CP+ and making up a reason! It makes no sense!

I totally agree. I have seen people kick CP+ and type in a reason like he was cuff abusing or he was annoying the inmates. Or like he was not listening to a warden (he is a CP, he is the leader of wardens).

But what if you are a DW but you see a warden abusing then how are you supposed to votekick him.

Not, the warden is a higher rank, just report him

76% agree. I agree because why should a Dw Be able to vote kick a CP+. But I disagree because if a warden is abusing and there is no FD+ online, the warden will keep abusing.

The chances of a warden abusing are smaller then a DW VKAing

Vote kick is literally like voting for a server ban.

Dd3819 (W)

Yea good idea.
Keep up the good suggestions.

123jonSLO - Warden

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Agree, Someone was kicking a CAC+ while the cac afk

Report him or contact a CP+ ez

They prob thought that the cac could not afk

I think you should be able to vote kick up to one rank above you. This would stop abuse.

Why would a DW be able to kick a W? Or a W being able to kick a CP? (VKing a CP+ is against the rules anyways)

how about make a system that auto bans the person who kicks a CP+

What if a CP+ abuse?

Dd3819 - Ward… Emergency Response Team

Report them. Thats it, youre not allowed to kick at all.