About CP having admin

People say that CP’s should have admin. I agree, but the commands they said they should have I don’t agree with them.

Here are commands I think CP’s should have:


Yes, all these commands are able to be used with gampass admin. But they should get them even if they don’t have gamepass admin. They also should not only be able to use them on themselves.

Out of these commands “Pm” and “View” should be the only ones, Since “Res” and “Ref” would definitely be abused. And for the sit command what is the point, CP’s can’t host trainings so there is no point to use the “sit” command. So this is just a big no.

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Yeah, but CP’s can co-host trainings. Most of the time, they get permission to give strikes and dismiss people.

For sit. They also get permission to sit others for faces part of training.

Well the “sit” command will definitely be abused…

How can sit be abused?

It’s not that it can be abused; it’s just useless

Well do you want a CP going around randomly sitting people?

Other then trainings yes. I can see how its useless.

Understandable. No, I would not.

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Just keep those commands but make them all for self use only so no abuse will happen. Easy.

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Tbh do you think that’s gonna happen?
CPs got a bit of experience just by being up there, so abuse should be rare.

And if they do abuse, someone will do smth.
Admin Abuse gets you
First: Verbally warned
Second: 1 week suspended
Third: team banned or terminated, depends

I think they should do this.
1: Warning
2: Suspension 1 week. (Of Course this can be bypassed by the cadet officer quiz)
3: Demotion and Ban.

What the heck is the quiz gonna do? :skull:

why not stick with the current one


Bypassing a suspension like that is illegal.
Also your suggestion to change the rules doesn’t really improve anything, just makes it a little confusing.

that’s gonna get you terminated

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Funnily enough getting out of that termination via quiz is legal again

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