Add back the vote-kick feature for warden+

Adding back the votekick feature would help limit the amount of abusers per server. Wardens who catch abusers would simply be able to votekick the abuser. You can’t necessarily abuse this command, as others have to agree to the kick.


Just like before but warden+ or SL+ so won’t be abused

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This is a bad idea. As a former FD, I have seen many vote kick abusers and mod calls are better.

make vk and modcall together.

and there is no reason why a SI+ wouldnt abuse

Votekicks have been temporarily taken down as they are being revamped.

Hello. While we had the old system of votekick, it was abused, so it was now replaced by mod calls. The people responding to mod calls are trained professionals who can help you, and this will make sure no abuse can happen.

Basically, the vote kick system was heavily abused, was used for personal/bias reasoning and overall created a negative experience for many. With its’ replacement, mod calls, this provides an experienced, knowledgeable and capable person to handle any issues you may have, with many having the confidence and ability to punish further than just a “Kick”.

But Why Would People Vote Someone That Did No Wrong?

But mods don’t respond fast enough sometimes and also there might not be any mods online which is bad.

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yeah i live in australia and there is never any mods around

Thats when the intel server in the discord is helpful. You create a ticket and provide proof.

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It would be helpful but in the time that it takes for action to be taken, the player could have caused soo much havoc.

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Vote kick was removed for abusing reasons. You can’t prevent wardens from abusing vote kick. The reason why they replaced it with modcall is because if someone abuses it the mod can find them and give them with a punishment also they get you username when you do a mod call. And it is abused very easily because people just do vote kick then just put in a false reason.

I did like the vote kick feature, but the problem is it was abused so much, I think they had a thing where if you vote kicked there was a cooldown for that person, which kinda helped but it still was abused a lot. And sometimes if it’s a valid reason and people vote no, they won’t get kicked which is quite annoying, that is one reason why mod calls are better.

Is a good idea to bring vote-kick stystem back because when we wait for moderator come,the rule-breaker are leave and if the moderator ask for proof when they join is hard to claim the proof,or when moderator join the rule-breaker will try end that and when moderator leave ,the rule-breaker will continue.I’m also quite helpless when I see a rule-breaker,i called a mod and waits forever… but no mods come. Because of the time zone.
That’s why I want a lot of vote-kick systems back.

But everyone probably knows that person does nothing.

they will never add it back but if they do it won’t be for a long time so stop asking.

thats why when you see someone you start to reccord