Why we should add vote to kick back

Continuing the discussion from Add back the vote-kick feature for warden+:

we should add it back as there are a lot of griefers such
as the guards letting inmates out and spamming the guards mics

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Hey there, @bobby_JR2314 !

Vote-Kick shouldn’t and isn’t going to be added back. It was a horrible system before and people abused it. Even if it came back to like CP+ or something, it would still probably be abused, and even if it wasn’t, there isn’t always a CP+ in-game to moderate. They have a great system at the moment of modcall, where you can very easily say modcall (your reason. Anyone can use it to call a game administrator.

Thank you for your suggestion, however the chances of it being added back are slim to none.

xsQuotes - Chairperson

Hello, @bobby_JR2314

I believe that bringing back vote-kick for warden/superintendent+ is a bad idea for the following reasons:

  • Many abusers
  • Game administration would do less of a role

Besides, it will not be added back as it sucked, if you have an in-game issue, you’re better off using the modcall system

Format: "Modcall (Reason)

Example: “Modcall (User is abusing the cuffs)”

After using the system, an ingame administrator will come as soon as possible as it gives administrators a bigger role in the community.

Kind Regards,

Foxtrot16102 - Superintendent