Adding Commands to prevent Cuff abuse

I think They should add Commands like “release [User]” and “arrest [User]”, and Give perms to a Spesific rank to Use it. A command like this can Prevent Cuff abuse.


Khaia21, Facility Director

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This is a good request, I’ve been seeing to many of that. But which rank?

I think They can give perms FD+ or CP+ to use.

I agree with you @efe_kaya because some people might need to go afk while cuffing a prisoner, we can’t do anything about it nor the prisoners.

I think they can also give it to wardens too as there are more wardens then CP+ and warden is more easy to get.

Signed, danethangaming

Thats why they shouldnt give it to wardens, they could free their friends or themselves, warden is too easy to get and the admin abuse would skyrocket.

Maybe give it to FD+ so that it will not be abused

I agree, they wouldnt abuse but there arent many FDs in-game nor CPs if they are online its most only one person and we know the server has more than one cuff abuser. Also I think we acctually dont need a new command but give FD+ the right to refresh persons who are being abused or abuse.

that would be a great idea but they can give it to wardens that had gamepass admins but if they abuse a CAC+ can take alway their cmds

Dude. This is like the third time you have tried to give wardens more power. Wardens do not need any more power. The ranks are fine how they are, stop trying to give them more power.

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And gamepass admin? Really? No, no and, no.

im not trying to give wardens more power

You said wardens should obtain the ability to announce,.

you said that wardens should host shifts

And now this. Stop trying to give wardens more power.

ok im very very sorry about that.

My bad, i missed one.

Its alright just please think about what is best for the community rather than what is best for you.