All Details For Ranks

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Ok Server ranks:
Discord ranks is same as your Roblox Group Rank.

What Are The Ranks
The Level Ranks Are:
Inmate: lvl 0
Medical Officer/MO: lvl 2
Emergency Response Team/ERT: lvl 4
Commander/C: lvl 8
Prison Inspector/PI: lvl 16
Deputy Warden/DW: lvl 32
Warden/W: lvl 64

Buyable Ranks
V2 Only: ⭐ Stateview Prison - Roblox
CO: Corrections Officer [RANK!] - Roblox
ERT: Emergency Response Team [RANK!] - Roblox
C: Commander [RANK!] - Roblox
W: Prison Warden [RANK!] - Roblox
CP: [LIMITED] Chairperson - Roblox

Group Ranks
LSI: Low Security Inmate
SSI: Suspended Security Inmate
RI: Respected Inmate
MO: Medical Officer
CO: Corrections Officer
ERT: Emergency Response Team
C: Commander
PI: Prison Inspector
DW: Deputy Warden
W: Warden
CP: Chairperson
FD: Facility Director
CAC: Community Advisory Council
PO: Prison Commissioner
BOG: Board Of Governors
AC: Administration Cabinet
COS: Chief Of Staff
BDT: Branch Diversity Team
PE: Prison Engineers
CWOTB: Chairwoman Of The Board
CMOTB: Chairman Of The Board
G: Governor
CD: Compliance Director