All Info For V1 Gamepasses, Buyable Ranks

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Items You Can Get By Buying It With Robux:
Boombox: Boombox - Roblox
Sharp Knife: Sharp Knife - Roblox
Lockpick: Lockpick - Roblox
Illegal Weapons: Illegal Weapons - Roblox

Perms You Can Buy:
Admin Commands: Admin Commands - Roblox

Buyable Ranks:
ERT: Emergency Response Team - Roblox
CO: Corrections Officer - Roblox
MO: Medical Doctor - Roblox
C/COMM: Commander - Roblox
PI: Prison Inspector - Roblox
DW: [SALE] Deputy Warden - Roblox
W: Warden - Roblox
CP: [LIMITED!] Chairperson - Roblox
FD: [LIMITED] Facility Director - Roblox

Game link: Stateview Prison V1 - Roblox

Please Note: Please Buy The Game Before Buying Any Gamepasses Or It Will Not Work.

I don’t think the V1 gamepass work in V2 anymore. (I mean if you bought the gamepass after V2 came out)

V1 game passes have never worked in V2 only the ranks did