Are Inmates allowed in the Kitchen?

So I’m ERT, and I found a Superintendent killing people in kitchen. There was a Warden too. Their usernames were Mathi314 and grancb. So I look here, and what do I find? Nothing! That’s why this is created.

It’s really people’s choice. Some users like making inmates roleplay as chefs as ofc they can’t escape but in the old kitchen there was the vent escape even though that’s gone now. Ill usually force inmates out of the kitchen but it is not a restricted zone as there is no lines on the floor.

SuperBlox543210 - CP

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There’s a blue line. It’s the same colour as the one for the control room.

I think this is your choice. You want roleplay in “inmate kitchen chef”? Ok. I think when someone gonna report it to mod he gonna think about it. But this is against the rules. I do not know. I think it worth the risk.

You, however, are not COMM+ :slight_smile:
Also im mathai314 lol

There’s still nothing saying it’s Comm+

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@rich1230 There’s also no vent anymore.

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Yea. In rules there is nothing telling that kitchen is COMM+ room.

Where are those rules? Stupid Character limit



@kapi123xd123lol I’ve looked at #staff-information there’s nothing there

Then idk

Ask HR+ maybe… I hate you limit

Where can I find a HR+? They are really tricky to find.

Maybe dm one of them? When I have questions Obama simply DMing them.

@rich1230 I can let them into the kitchen then, right?

Now are you sure @rich1230?

But I am COMM+ :skull: So yh, you can’t stop me

Sorry to interfere with the conversation, but I’ve been around here for two years now and I have never heard of such rule. Did they change it or who told you that information?

I specifically remember reading this back in the day. I can assure you that this is the most relevant reference to the mentioned problem you’ll ever find on this forum. As you can see, they are allowed to be “chefs”, as long as they’re guarded at all times. Why would they need Commander perms after all?