Bring back batons

Hi. I would like the things we know and love called batons back in game. Its not easy without them. Now I have to hold a taser when passed a red line guarding a door. I also liked the batons because we could simply hit someone with it if we where close and not have to reload a taser or risk missing them with hand cuffs. It was easy to baton someone and put them back and if they continue baton them again and send em to sol. The baton was a very useful tool that I would like back.


It will be abused too much, people will just smash eachother down.

The necessary precaution can be taken and given above a certain rank


I think it only should be given to Wardens.

@MrJoseph112 Even though i am a warden, i disagree as it is not a easy-to-abuse tool.

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True and it should be DW+ thing

I think DW+ personally no offence LOL

Hello, I actually agree on this suggestion. BUT, this item should be given to certain ranks, as it’s a tool that most likely staff members will abuse. I am sure that some CP-PC will just smash each other in the session room supervising our sessions. (Yep, that is what I know from my job experience).

Moving on, I agree adding this, but it should be given to ranks that are trusted, for example: Facility Director+. Not Chairperson, because they are on trial stage of being Stateview administrator.

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    Facility Director

You already have admin commands. I think DW + can be given to them because they are high level.

Baton should be used outside of the Highcommand team

If DW + is trusted in Votekick, then DW + can be trusted in baton.

You think dw+ because your a dw. I think warden+ should have it.

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Being an ERT is not that difficult, DW + will be the best

No need to add more privileges to the already privileged high rank

It takes a lot of time to earn CAC to be on the High Command Team. They are not “privileged”. They do a ton of work.

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Hello everyone! I am MrJoseph112, Deputy Warden of Stateview Prison.

I think a baton should be added but just so you know, the batons are kinda like the pans in Sebee’s admin videos. They kind of stun them until they hit the jump button. So that tool is at a high chance of being abused. Taking it that cuffs are already highly abused, I think the baton will be even worse. I can imagine looking in the cell block with people just hitting each other and going crazy around the room. Here are some requirements that should be taken to prevent abuse. Kind of like how sebee did pan fights in the cell blocks in the admin video.

  1. W+ only.
  2. Prohibited in these listed areas. Session room, High Command Office, and ERT, CO spawns.
  3. If anyone is reported of abusing this tool, it will result in an immediate suspension for one week.
  4. After suspension due to baton abuse, they are banned from using the tool. that means they cannot use the tool ever. If they ever use the tool after being banned, they will be Pbanned from the game. All baton bans must be logged as some people like to rejoin the group to get the tool again. The baton bans are appealable.
  5. If a CP+ are caught abusing the tool, they will be demoted back to PI and banned from using the baton. CP+ baton bans are not appealable. CAC+ abusing will result in a permanent ban and a termination back to Low Security Inmate.(unappealable).
  6. Only available on the ERT team. Make so that Riot Control Unit can also have batons of you get the update in. (read my teams and weapons suggestion).

Deputy Warden


Whats the point in making it prohibited in some areas. Just make it so you cant hit cops.


I personally agree I think we would also need to remove levels and applications and get more serious again to do this.

Yes that is possible I am seeing many great ideas this is 1 of them

I think we should add baton, but it will knock people down instead of killing people, because people will abuse the baton if they can kill people.