Popular requests you shouldn't suggest

In Feature Requests It is very common to see “new” topics with requests that have already been made a lot.

I will now give a list of many popular requests. I will add links to some of these requests if you want to add something to the idea. Just don’t make a new post.
This list will not include everything, so make sure you use the search bar. Do not trust the “Your topic is similar to” text as it is likely to be incorrect.
Some of the links I will provide will be for the oldest post and some others will be for the most popular.

  • Add a Session ping role.

Extremely common idea. It’s better to just not revive any of the topics about this if you ask me.

  • New rank between W and CP.

Here’s the the trusted Warden topic:

  • Assign keybinds to handcuff actions.

Here’s the oldest topic I found:

  • Remove votekick/give it to W+.

If you want to add something, go here:

or here:

There’s multiple ideas to change the system. Before posting your idea, make sure it’s well made and a unique idea. There’s more topics about votekick, so use the search bar.

  • Give admin to DW/W

So many posts. Just so many.

  • Add a schedule for sessions.

If you think any session other than Inspections should’ve schedules you are a monster and should be executed. Here’s a post about adding schedules for Inspections:

  • Add a new team with the purpose of investigating crimes/ eliminating criminals.

Do not suggest adding a team with that is a rip-off of ERT.

  • Add back batons
  • Add a sniper.

There are multiple requests for this. Usually part of a post with multiple suggestions.
Here’s a topic only about snipers:

  • Add a shotgun.

Multiple requests for this. Probably will never happen.

  • Add punching back.

Oldest topic I could find:

  • Add different level keycards and/or block ERT- from entering the control room and CO- from entering max cells.

Here’s a topic about adding rank keycards:

As for the Control Room and max cells, use the search bar. A variety of topics appear for blocking lower ranks or changing the rank requirement.

There are more topics I didn’t mention. Again, I recommend you use the search bar. Remember to try and use key terms instead of putting in the title of your post.

For example, I am suggesting to give Deputy Warden+ the ability to use the warp command. I will not search “Give Deputy Warden warp”. Instead, I will try “new admin” “admin rank” “DW admin” “DW warp” “warp”. After checking, if there’s no result then my “Give Deputy Warden warp” idea is unique, so I will post it. It really doesn’t take as much time as it sounds.

@hankschrader911 Ur welcome.

Edit: If I forgot something tell me.
Adding what Jonah said

  • Increase max/solitary time

You can talk about this suggestion here:

  • Teleport inmates to their cells during Lockdown.

Most popular topic I could find:

  • Remove CP gamepass.

So many topics, I think this is the oldest one:

  • Remove staff gamepasses

Discussions about this can go here:

Greekui9ii3 - Facility Director


OMG THANK YOU! You really put some effort into this, I appreciate it. Now when i say #searchbar I can add this!


Thanks you for your words. It took a while but it certainly didn’t feel like it, I enjoy writing long posts.

cool lol you make it much easier to find thingy

I would also add teargas and batons.

Also increasing max/sol time, teleport people when lockdown and of course removal of CP gamepass.

I am too lazy tbh to add that, so I will set this as a solution and edit the topic later.

Add also this bad featured suggestion: Wardens can host sessions.