Can you actually kill inmates for crossing the red line?

If inmate crosses the red line, do you actually have the right to kill them?
Because in the game, on the side of the wall in cell block with rules It says: Kill on sight - prisoner passes red line without clearence, but Im not sure If I should do it because I understand when like one or two cross the line but if theres like 10 of them rushing to the cell doors to get out no matter what, Am I supposed to actually take each one by one and give them warnings? Because theres a lot of people doing it and inmates are calling mods for this matter but there on the wall it clearly states that you have the right to kill them.

If an inmates crosses the red line at showers, cellblock, lunch, and yard, you are allowed to cuff and tase them. You are also to give them a warning. The rules refer to the line at the exit and staff spawn, which if crossed, you are allowed to kill them, if an inmates is in a restricted area, meaning, the status is showers and they are in yard, you can kill them.

Just cuff them back, it’s not that hard :skull:.

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Inmates are not allowed behind the red line right if that happen you are only allowed to use non lethal like tasers or your cuffs after that you will give the inmate a warning and put him back if he still crosses the red line like in the yard you will do the same until the inmate reaches W3 then you bring him to solitary if he corssed the lethal zone within the red line on yard you are allowed to use lethal forces like your glock or M4 and so on.

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This is exactly what Im talking about, what if theres someone who just joined and he read the rules just from that board in-game, and if some inmate crosses the red line and he kills them and someone call mod on him, he was not actually doing anything against the rules because the game rules there clearly states that he have the right to kill them and behind the red line it says “lethal zone”

It’s outdated bud. It’s still abuse

Thanks for your answer, but I still wonder when I got mod called on me for shooting inmates after crosing the red line (It happened to me before and when I told him that I was shooting them after crossing the red line, the mod let me go without warning or anything), I can still refer to the rules on that board in game which clearly states that I can kill them when they pass the red line and it even says “lethal zone” and nothing about tazing or warnings is mentioned there so you should add it there because it just cause confusion and misleading and unintentional breaking the rules

Then how should the newcomer in game know that when the rules in-game says otherwise, thats what Im asking

Just tell em bruh


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There’s total chaos over this matter, noone knows if you can be punished for killing inmates after they cross the red line or no, I had a lot of pros and cons opinions about this matter and It seems that moderation team doesn’t take this matter seriuosly enough, Once I got called moderator on me for doing it, one moderator got me banned (tools) and with other moderator theres nothing happened and he just said that it’s allowed to do so if they cross it. There’s literally half of the community going with the “You cant’ kill inmates after they cross the red line.” and the other part is like “Yes, you can do it, It’s allowed.” I’m just really confused what’s the truth and what is not.