Fix shooting on mobile

Mobile shooting is really scuffed at the moment and nearly impossible to do especially with the recoil. Please change it back to tapping to shoot as otherwise mobile players have a massive disadvantage.


I thought it was only me who found this problem! Sometimes in shifts I can’t even shoot the target though I aimed properly, so there are actually still a lot of problems with the mobile shooting.

Well, I practiced aiming a lot on mobile and I am getting used ti it. But when I use tap to shoot, it would be even harder to shoot while jumping, and sometimes when I aim by tapping, sometimes they aim incorrectly as they are interfered when I move using the thumbpad.
Maybe we can switch the ways we want to aim by tapping or by aiming at the center of the screen?


And by the way, heres what they said before tapping to aim was removed. Fix aiming in mobile