Game Rules (Explained)

1. Random Killing (RK)
Random Killing is not allowed. Random killing is when you kill random inmates without a reason. The only ways you are allowed to kill an inmate, is if they’re armed or passed a red line. There’s not other way & you will be punished if you do it with other reasons.

Minor RK: Staff Warning/Server Ban Major RK: Termination/Server Ban

2. Cuff Abuse (CA)
Cuff abuse is not allowed. Cuff abuse is when you cuff/detain/arrest/frisk or putting inmates in areas, without a valid reason. Reasons to cuff a inmates, are if they are armed, passed a blue line, spamming, pushing, passed a red line, trolling or exploiting. Reasons to frisk an inmate are, if they showed a gun or a keycard. If they got arrest or killed after they showed, you’re not allowed to frisk until they show the items again. Reasons to put an inmate in a Solarity cell, is if they tried to escape 3 or more times or Minor usage of weapons. Reasons to put an inmate in Maximum Security, is if they’re Raiding as inmate or Major Usage of weapons.

Minor CA: Suspension/Staff Warning/Server Ban Major CA: Termination/Server Ban

3. Disrespect
Being disrespectful to plays isn’t allowed in Stateview, doesn’t matter rank. You should NEVER disrespect anyone, doing this will result in a punishment.

Minor/Major Disrespect: Termination, if you’re lucky staff warning.

4. Death Treats
Death Treats are not allowed, such as “I will kill you”, “Do this, or I kill”, “I kill your mom” etc. Doing this will result in a punishment.

Minor/Major: Game Ban

5. Hinting or asking for ranks
Hinting/asking for ranks is not allowed. Hinting & asking for ranks, is not the same. Asking for rank, is when you ask for a rank or promotion. Hinting is when a person say something like “I worked really hard, I play 20 hours every day, I hope I get promoted soon.”

Hinting: Suspension Constantly Hinting: Termination Asking for Ranks: Termination

6. Asking for sessions
Asking a Chairperson (CP) or above to host a session is not allowed, doing this will result in a punishment. It is unprofessional & childish.

Asking for Sessions: Staff Warning

7. Maximum Staff Warnings
Once you reacted 3 staff warnings, you’ll get a demotion. The demotion is not appealable & you will have to get your rank back by being promoted & not by levels.

3 Staff Warnings: Demotion

8. Bypassing Punishment
Bypassing punishment is when you claimed your rank back with levels, when you’re suspended or terminated or when you bypass ban/blacklist with a alt. There’s 3 ways to get your rank back or play the game again. If you’re suspended you’ll have to wait for your suspension is over, or appeal it at our intel/administration server. If you’re terminated, you can go to the application center, take the quiz, be ranked back to CO & be promoted by HR+ rank by rank, not by levels. You can also choose to appeal your punishment. If you’re blacklisted or banned, the only way is not appeal or wait for your ban is over. If you’re blacklisted, you’re not allowed to take the quiz, this is only for terminated players. To get you rank back, if you’re demoted, you can appeal or rank up rank by rank, not levels.

Bypassing Demotion/Suspension/Termination: Termination & Game Ban, if you’ve demoted you can be lucky to get suspension & demotion Constantly Bypassing Demotion/Suspension/Termination: Blacklist Game Ban Bypassing Blacklist: Blacklist & Game Ban.

9. Roblox ToS violations
Any Violations of RBOLOX ToS, will result in unappealable Game Ban & termination. The ToS can be found at the link below.

Roblox ToS violations: Game Ban & Termination

10. Admin Abuse (AA)
Admin abuse is not allowed in any ways. Admin abuse is when you use blacklisted commands, that aren’t allowed. As gamepass admin, you’re only allowed to use commands on yourself. You’re not allowed to respawn, sit or refresh abusers or random people. ONLY USE COMMANDS ON YOURSELF. As HR & above admin, you can use the commands with valid reasons on yourself & others. Any reasons must be vailed for HR+ & Gamepass AA. Any Gamepass admin will result in Game Ban & Termination.

Gamepass AA: Termination Minor AA: Staff Warning Medium AA: Demotion/suspension Major AA: Termination

11. Session Room (SR)

CO-DW - You are to not be in the session room unless you are attending a session.

W - You are to not be in the session room unless you are attending a session or helping in a training.

CP-CAC - You are to not be in the session room unless you are attending/hosting a session.

PC - You automatically have perms to stay in the session room.

BoG+ You automatically have perms to stay in the session room and grant others permission to stay, you must be in the server, to grant perms to stay in SR.

RI - You are allowed to be in the session room without permission.

Staying in SR, without perms: Staff Warning

12. Prison Areas
In the prison, there’s somewhere you some rank can be, & there’s limits how many person, that are allowed in a room. I’ll explain all of them here.

Control Room (CR): If you want to be in the control room, you must be a commander or above. There’s allowed to be 3 or less in CR, if you break the limit, a CP+ have perms to respawn you.

Solitary Confinement & Maximum Secured Cells: (Max/SOL): If you want to be in this area, you must be Emergency Response Team or above. There’s no limits how many there can be in there, as long they do their jobs.

Session Room (SR): MO-CAC are not allowed in the SR, without attending or hosting (CP+) a session. If you’re PC+ You’re allowed to stay in the session room, with a on-going session, without annoying it.

Entering forbidden areas: Staff Warning

13. Not Logging
If you’re CP or above, you must log your bans, warnings, ranking, blacklist & sessions. It’s important to log, ranking & punishment. When you log, it do it easier to review appeals for the appeal department. When you log ranking, we can see coolsdowns. If not you’re logging, you’re gonna punished.

Not Logging: Staff Warning Constantly not logging: Suspension/Termination

14. Refusal to wear uniform
Uniform is the clothes staff is wearing, when they’re on-duty, If you somehow bypassing the uniform & refuse to wear it, it would lead to a punishment.

Refusal to Wear Uniform: Staff Warning

15. Lack of Grammar
Grammar for our MRs (Prison Inspector+) is required. Gramamr is the structure and system of a language, or of languages in general, usually considered to consist of syntax and morphology. This help to understand the sentence easier.

Lack of Grammar: Staff Warning

16. Oufit
It’s important that we can see your name, so you can’t wear items, that cover your head. You can wear almost everything, as long compiles the ROBLOX ToS & doesn’t cover your nametag, rank or level.

Wearing Items that covering names: Staff Warning

I would just like to say, I’ll add more to this soon. You can find link to the rules below.

In Stateview we have rules for our staff & inmates. But many people don’t know what they mean or are. The rules are not hard to to remember & you shouldn’t make a offence. The rules written by @timmy6503, can be found here

valdemarcrafter - Appeal Staff & Facility Director


I’m just wondering if rush cuffing against the rules? I’ve gotten many different reply’s and honestly I don’t even know who to believe.

Its not against the rules, that would be too unfair for officers.

It isnt, ur allowed tok rush


Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Can you kick people for respawning for a permanent gun?

You mean resetting themselves? Thats a reason for a gameban.