Staff Regulations & Basic Rules

Stateview Staff Regulations

Greetings Stateview Employee, Here is the regulations that have almost everything about game rule make sure to read it.

2021 Staff Regulations

In this post it about Staff Regulations rank limit, rank cooldown etc.

Game Rules

Here is the rules that has been wrote by valdemarcrafter have almost every important rules.

Admin Commands Gamepass

I have seen A LOT of abusers that why i decided to write this.

Admin Commands Regulations

Most of regulations are at timmy’s forum i wanted you to know about the admin commands that if you use blacklisted command you can get fired or banned.

:paperclips: Commands Regulations

  • You are not allowed to use command on others.

Basically the gamepass description already explain that You are not allowed to use commands on others if you do this will lead into a ban.(Based on Infractions)

  • You are not allowed to admin abuse

This is almost every role-play game that not allowed to admin abuse so if you do this can lead into a ban or termination.

As you know you can claim rank in-game everytime if you have enough level i have to to tell you that is not allowed. If you were demoted and claim rank that considered as bypassing so you might get punish.
:paperclips: 2021 Game Offense

Punishment for Bypassing Ranking Punishments: Termination + Game Ban, If you bypass termination around 5+ times blacklist may issue.

Staff Regulations
As a staff you must always use grammar while on duty and no dancing on duty or staff warning may issue.

Boombox Gamepass Rules

Hey i have seen some people did this before i just want you to know the rules in this forum so you won’t break it again.

  • Do not play bypassing music

Bypassing music are not allowed in any game so if you bypass the music that can lead you to Punishment. What is bypassed music? It the music that bypass Roblox Filter like and explicit song etc.

  • No earrape music

I have seen some of boombox buyer play an earrape music(Not Sebee’s airhorn) so please remain respect to others because it can hurt someone that sensitive.

Uniforms and Avatar Rules

  • Uniform / Avatar for FD and below

you know the rule that you always must wear a uniform. which the game forces you to put one which is good. your also can wear some items and different style hair, almost anything you want. however anything too big or takes up too much space or covers your username, will be classified as unprofessional and you breaking this expectation rule.

  • Uniform / Avatar for CAC+

you guys are allowed to wear almost anything you want. (key word almost). there are many stuff you cannot wear and the outfit you pick has to be normal or professional. you shouldn’t be wearing anything too big that covers your username or takes up too much space. but stateview takes it easy on uniform, so you are allowed to wear almost anything like “headless”. and you can cosplay outfits.

if you worried if your outfit breaks this rule you can always message a member from shr+ or leadership, and they can tell you!

  • packages

must be off at all times (you got to look bloxy). i seen some people trying to bypass this. this rule applys to MO - BoG.

I have linked most of important source here wish it help.
Game Offense

:paperclips: 2021 Game Offense

Others Staff Infomations

:paperclips: Staff Infomations

Others Staff Regulations

:paperclips: Staff Regulations

Roblox Community Guidelines

:paperclips: ROBLOX Community Guidelines


This is update version of old regulations.