How to get Chairperson (Update)

As i cannot edit old post for some reason so i have decided to write on this one. In this forums it about HOW TO GET CHAIRPERSON 101 Ok let go.

• You don’t need to do anythings in this list to get Chairperson It optional and your choice. To get your Chairperson you must work and do your job outstanding of others Warden etc.

How to get it?

  • Attend Inspection and pass the Inspection

  • Attend promotional shift. You know as You cannot get promoted from Promotional Shift but Leadership Team know as Chief of Staff+ can bypass it anyway so.

  • Do patrol logs. So yeah as you know in main Discord server you can do patrol logs to show your activity as a staff. If you doing patrol logs please make sure you did correct format(Username, Rank, Time, Pic of Start&End) So it will help HC Team to track your Activity and higher your chance to get Chairperson.

  • Buy rank. As you know you can buy rank in Stateview Prison just go into Gamepass shop after you bought it just go in-game and the bot will rank you. The gamepass cost is 8,500 R$


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Is a promotional shift a normal shift, but it is promotional, or does it have another section, etc?

Its a normal shift where uardest workers can get promoted. If its hosted by BoG- only MO-DW will get promoted, if its hosted by leadership so CoS+ you can be promoted but it might be hard.

Oh my god a 10 month revive :skull: check the damn dates b4 u reply

You can also apply at

This website also allows you to apply for multiple other positions.

Respectfully, XLR

Can you explain more about patrol logs please? I don’t know what that is.

Patrol logs used to be available for LRs
They are to show your activity but they got removed before I even joined SV

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