How to shut off the power [GUIDE]

Step 1 : Find the Janitor’s key

The Janitor’s key can be in two places.

Place 1 : The Camera room

The most common place to find it is the camera room. It is located at the entrance of the facility.
You can get the Janitor’s key by entering the cam room and grabbing it :

Cam room

You can also get it without entering the room :

Cam room

Place 2 : The high command offices

If you don’t find the key in the cam room, then it is probably in the high command offices.
The high command offices are in front of the cell block :

Then go to to the right :

Now go on the left :

You can now steal it :

Janitor's key

Step 2 : Shut off the power

If you still don’t find the Janitor’s key, then someone already stole it or recently shut off the power. You have to wait.

Step 1 : Go to the max yard

The maximum security yard is in front of the normal yard :

You have to enter it now. When you are in, go in front of the door in the left, and click e :

Now just hold e and wait for the power to shut off.

Congrats! You just shut off the power!!

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Made by Teostyle31 (a.k.a. SteveBloX), SI.


Perfect demonstration for the Blackout-Drill section.