BloxCord Session Guide

Written by @Jonirei and @SirYeet. Edited by @K_3_Q_U_I_N_G and @Gansje33.

Bloxcord Session Guide
Please read over this guide to ensure no mistakes occur during the hosting process.

  1. When you decide to host a session, go to the sessions tab on BloxCord and wait for any available session slot. You can claim a slot 10 minutes before or after the listed time.
    Note: You should know your co-host, supervisors, and helpers before pressing “Host”

  1. After you pressed “Host” button on the time you selected to host, you choose the session you want to host:
    Note: It will only show you the sessions you would normally be able to host. Example: Inspections will be visible to PC+ while shifts will be visible to SI+.

  1. After you complete step 2, you will be asked to put in your session administration. You should already know who these people are. The list will show people in your game server that meet the requirement for the role (Example: BOG+ can only be selected for Inspections as Supervisor role).
    Note: It wont work if the time window expires while you’re selecting administration. The window expires 10 minutes after the time listed on the schedule. Do NOT create the session until all of your administration are selected as you will not be able to edit after.

  1. After selecting your administration, press the Create Session button to continue.

    Announce your session with the h command three times as per the session guide.

    Once all your attendees are lined up in the session room, press the refresh button on the top right (as shown). This will add everyone to the list that is standing near you. You can click the usernames on either side to move them if you need to remove or add attendees. When you are satisfied, please press the Lock & Start Session button.
    Note: You cannot change this list after you continue.

  1. After you have pressed “Lock & Start Session”, you will see your main session menu which includes Phases, Monitor, Cancel, and Ranking.

    Note: If you press the “Remove Competitive” button at the very bottom, your session will not count towards the session leaderboard. This is required if you mess up the session or cheat by starting phases after you’ve already started them in-game.

  1. The Session.


  • This is the main page of the session. Every checkbox here indicates a PASS.
  • Follow the given instructions:
  1. As soon as you are about to start a phase, press the “Start” button.
  2. As you observe passers, check the box under that phase if they passed the phase.
  3. Press the “Stop” button as soon as you have finished checking all attendees and the phase is complete.
  4. Repeat for all of the phases, then select session passers.

For the first phase “Questions”, these people have passed this phase as there is a tick next to their name.

Repeat this for all phases.
In the Disturbance tab, you can tick the people that have interrupted your session and/or got dismissed or have been breaking any rules of the session.

Passing Attendees
After you have finished all sections of the session, you tick the attendees that have passed at least ¾ sections in a training or ⅔ in a shift. You may tick the attendees that have shown great work and professionalism with “Exceptional”. Exceptional = Hardest Worker.

In this tab you can see the Device, the FPS and Ping, Grammar of the attendees and the percentage they have been afk during the session, or if they left the game.
Note: This is mainly for the supervisor to watch what’s going on. It can also be used to filter out passers / grade administration.

This tab gives you the opportunity to cancel your session if you are unable to host. If there is a supervisor, only the supervisor can cancel the session. If there is no supervisor, the host can press the button.
Note: Cancellation for no reason is punishable if done frequently. You will not get any quota points.

  1. Ranking

All phases need to be completed. All passers have to be checkmarked already. Once you have pressed the “Proceed To Ranking” button, you will not be able to change any phases or checks for the attendees, including adding passers.
Note: You will only be able to promote users later that have checks under passers.

Next Step
After you proceed to ranking, you will see a list of your passers. You will see how long ago they were promoted and a dropdown for a New Rank. Now you will need to check cooldown. If the person you want to rank is not on cooldown, you will select the new rank from the dropdown and BloxCord will automatically rank the attendee.
Note: The host or co-host can rank attendees. However, only the people that were ticked as passers before proceeding to ranking can be promoted.

  1. Grading

All administration members must grade their peers/fellow administration. You will drag the Grade slider to reflect your 1-10 grade for other members. Press Submit Grades when done.
Note: You cannot change your grades after they are submitted. Administration members cannot see what grade you gave them but instead only an average of all scores they got.

  1. Dismissal

Once you complete passers ranking and all administration members have finished grading (members who don’t submit grades will autosubmit with a 5 rating for everyone), press the End Session button in the Dismissal category. This will formally end the session and is parallel to “Session Dismissed” in-game.
Note: Only the supervisor or host can dismiss the session.

After the session is dismissed, statistics and information will show. Your leaderboard ranking (if competitive) will be in the session information category.

Administration Scores - BloxCord Computed scores from how active, professional, and productive all members of the administration were (host, co-hosts, supervisors, helpers). The composite score is an average of all the preceding scores and will be used for placement on the leaderboard.
Phase Durations - Shows the time taken for each phase.
Phase Efficiency - Shows the time taken per attendee for each phase. This is used for placement on the leaderboard.
Administration Grades - Each administration member has a 1-10 rating which is an average of what all the other administration members graded them earlier.
Administration Work - Distribution of who marked passers of phases and etc.
Session Passers - Users who were marked as passers.
Session Promotions - Users who were promoted.
Administration Grammar - BloxCord Computed scores from the grammar used by administration members in game. This contributes to the composite score and therefore your leaderboard ranking.
Administration Presence - BloxCord Computed scores from how long administration members were AFK in game for. This contributes to the composite score and therefore your leaderboard ranking.