Ideas for sessions (Ingame and on Discord)

First, a nice addition for shifts would be the ability to (if in the SR when the shift starts, aka have a command for it) give everyone a role selection box that you can enter your role in so you don’t have to type it out every time you chat in radio during a shift. Another nice addition would be a react role on discord to get pinged when shifts or trainings are being hosted. Adding react roles would allow more people to be able to attend. You could also make separate reaction roles for different sessions, like one for shifts specifically and one for trainings specifically.

  1. Some kind of reminder with a explanation for attendees would be a very good idea, Idk how hard it is to script and second #SEARCHBAR
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I mean, it could be something as simple as copying the callsign script and modifying it. Or it could be more difficult depending on how you wanted it to work.