Inspection Announcements

Currently I realised that lots of people are missing inspections because of time zones etc and also it happens unexpectedly in a server making lots of people miss it just because they are not online. That’s why I think we should add something called an Inspection Announcement which tells you when would an inspections be held in advance for around a few hours so we would know the time and more people would have the chance to do an inspection.


I personally agree. It is way too hard to attend an Inspection, they are too random.
Crazy idiots like me can get CP because they were lucky while you have level 200 Wardens that have just given up because no one notices them.

DM Spa… I mean


I think there should be a schedule for inspections for example:

23 May: 11 AM EST
1 June: 6 PM EST

and it goes all the way in the year.


100% Agree, I mean you still need to be good enough to pass the inspection, but attending it is just pure luck, I really hope they will fix it. (I’ve tried attending inspections for so long that I got noticed at promoted the normal way XD)

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Inspections are probably the intended way to become CP but they are just too random.
Also I disagree with Inspection being hard, however considering the formula used they can’t really make them any harder.

yep, i always tought they should make inspections being hosted once a day, but to pass you also need to have attended lets say 70 shifts and helped at 10 trainings

I think 10 trainings is far too few, I would say atleast 20

Please don’t revive dead posts- I made this 2 years ago when I was still like a level 20-something Warden…