Make max/sol time longer

So basically I think the time is too short. Officers get lazy taking max/sol inmates to cafe/yard and when the inmates respawn after 2 minutes the will just do the same thing again which they did to come in max/sol. I dont want this feature to be removed but make the time a little longer. For example sol 5 minates and max 7 minutes or something. This may cause innocents to stay longer in max when they didnt even do anything but it was the same problem before the update. I saw one or two suggestions about it but I wanted to state my point of view.


Make max 10 minutes and sol 7 minutes

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Yeah that would be a good idea because for max and sol, They are all the same times so firstly, There has to be some difference in the max and sol time, Here’s what I think

Solitary Confinement- 5 minutes 30 seconds
Maximum- 8 minutes

Signed by adamus20195 Warden of SVP

10 minutes is far too long for me, the inmate will probably just leave.

I think 5 mins max for both.


No because actually Maximum has more dangerous criminals then Solitary.

Update: I think for the solitary confinement time, is a weird time 5 minutes and 30 seconds so I’ll decrease the time from 5:30 seconds- 5 minutes that will be better

Signed by adamus20195: Warden of SVP

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I disagree beacuse max inmates will only stop killing if they get a punishment for it. I agree that 10 minutes is long so I would say 5 mins sol and 7 mins max. If anyone rejoins we can kick him/report him.

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I would say 3 minutes at the most.

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