Make VK system for **W+** ONLY!

So i have got vote kicked for no reason many times. Also some DW+ abuses this a lot! I have seen VKA maybe every day since i have got CP. Also DW is such easy rank to get. If this VK system could be only for W+, then CP+ would have much less work with these VKA players. Also there wouldnt be so much reports for VKA and our report staff would have much less work too.

Reply your opinion!

Signed - Henkka1981 - ChairPerson

For the love of god use the search bar. We tell people this every single day. Use the search bar. We have so many requests for this.

I just gave my opinion, and explained that maybe better than someone else.

Agreed, W+ should only be able to use VK. We shouldn’t remove it fully because Intel would be swamped with reports, leading to more problems than we started with.