Make warden+ host shifts

You should make Warden host shifts because it can help bring in game activity up. And more wardens join game the CP+ and it can benefit us and in game to have a nice in game activity


I agree. Wardens should be able to host at least shifts. Maybe not riot trainings and so. But I agree.


This would make it almost impossible for CPs to fill their quotas due to the sheer number of Wardens who would be constantly trying to host. This would also cause a lot more stress on the CAC+ 's who would have to supervise the shifts. Warden’s also do not have admin commands (HR admin) meaning that they would need a CP+ there to even make the call to the session room and to remove trouble makers. These are just a few reasons why this would not work in practice.


I agree.Wardens should be able to at least host 2-3 shifts a week because CPS are getting more buisser and when that happens more people can’t rank up.

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I disagree. CPs would still have time. Also some wardens may just not want to host.

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There are currently about 220 CPs, 54 FDs, 13 CACs, 11 PCs, and 6 BoGs, who have to fill quotas. The staffing team had to temporarily lower the hosting/co-hosting requirement, and uncap the supervisor limit, in order for everyone to be able to fill their quota. Even then, some people aren’t able to. The CACs and PCs are being put under a lot of stress to constantly supervise shifts just from that number of people. Now let us imagine we tack on the additional 3,433 Wardens (At the time of this post). They would all have to have supervisors. That means way fewer opportunities for CPs+ to fill their quotas, and way more pressure on all of the CAC+ to supervise constant, never-ending, sessions throughout the enitre week.

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I disagree, first you will need admin commands such as ‘h’, secondly some wardens abuse, due to the sheer number of wardens, this would increase the abuse, and Shadow has a point, it would make it harder for CP’s, and of course a lot of wardens won’t follow the guide.

-coolgsvirk1, Warden.
(Note: I am NOT 4D_X nor am I impersonating them).


Yeah. There needs to be like 660 Shift sessions with supervisors (the realistic number is much lower but you get the point) each WEEK. Additionally, there can only be FOUR SESSIONS hosted at once. A lot of the time there’s max sessions and it’s hard to do a session.

We already have alot of abusers of wardens so I strongly disagree to this due to alot of wardens that are already abusing tools vote kick lockdown anything so I don’t agree to this and some wardens don’t use grammar and some can’t control their attitude so I just strongly disagree.



I agree! It would be really fun to host while im working my way to CP!

No, this would be terrible for various reasons:

  1. supervisors, For a CP it is currently already terrible having to find a supervisor, as there are just too many CP, Adding 3.5K Extra warden to it is going to make it only worse.

  2. Hosting spots, There just wouldn’t be any place for hosting, as there would always be 4 people hosting. Now you can just say “Just increase the limit to 10” This wouldn’t work, as there would be like 2 people attending a shift.

  3. Commands, You would have to give wardens the H command, and perms to type in sessions, as warden is an easy rank to get, this would be massively abused.

  4. Experience, Most of the wardens get their rank at about level 30, Giving them the perms to host a shift just wouldn’t be good, these not high-level wardens don’t know all the rules, and definitely haven’t attended that many shifts, when I reached level 30 and got warden, I only attended 10 shifts so far, that just isn’t enough experience to host.

  5. Only Wardens can be captains, as a lot of wardens would stop attending shifts as they can host them, which would result in a massive decrease in wardens attending shifts.

  6. Grammar and other small staff rules, Staffing wants our HR’s (And basically all of our staff) to have a good skin tone and proper grammar, as wardens would be able to host, it would really increase how wardens are being looked at, as so would their grammar and skin tone become way more important.

In the end, wardens are just high-level players, Not HR’s, and the warden rank is quite easy to obtain for anyone who really wants it, therefore, I hope more for a Trusted warden rank, which can co-host shifts, and have the same admin as gamepass owners, but with the perms to use it on others. This rank would be given to you half the way to CP by a CAC+.


Yes I am a warden and I would enjoy the game an extraordinary amount. Please let wardens host shifts.

I agree some Wardens can abuse their powers

-canyvs, Warden

Now all the wardens say yes, becouse they don’t think about it. Due to last boost event we have too much chairpersons, and allowing addititional 3,5k people able to host isn’t a good idea. Our HR+s and SHRs are already overloaded with supervising. Warden is an easy peasy rank to get and giving them perms to host anything and admin commands is the worst idea I ever heard in SV history. (Except when commanders could votekick) Amount of abusers at this moment in Stateview is already at a critical moment. That’s why I say: “No, no and one more time no” to this idea. As many people said, they even had to delete supervising limit and change our quota to 2 hosting/co-hosting. Also many wardens aren’t in the discord server ( Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out ) and this is needed to announce sessions. So no, no and last time no!

Warden :sob:

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The more reasons you give the more I fall into your line of belief. This makes sense now. Warden is still a low rank with a touch of authority. Them hosting wouldn’t make sense. Also they can be helpers at trainings.


it thing is simple there are to many wardens if this got added we would see the sessions always full with warden shifts and the staff would be overstressed

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Big no. NO NO NO. Please no. This would be very bad.

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A 50/50 for me. It’s a great idea for activity, but would have a cost. Immature and untrained wardens would most likely abuse their power throughout the training.

I disagree because it will be so crowded of wardens and CP won’t have time to host shifts due to the amount of Wardens.

Disagree due to we have a LOT of CP’s and if we allow Wardens to host many people will not be able to complete quota.

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