New advanced trainings. [Unofficial guide]

I know advanced trainings exist but they are not really “advanced”. I passed an advanced training before as a warden. I will be happy to make a new guide that makes advanced trainings a bit more advanced and add some features.

Stateview Unofficial Advanced Training Guide (2.0)

Stateview Correctional Facility

Step 1 - Setup

  • Find a Co-Host (Maximum is 2, Must be Facility Director+)
  • Find Helpers, (Maximum is 2, Must be Chairperson+ & verified in both main/admin servers).
  • You must have at least 10 attendees to begin.
  • Failed trainings will not count towards quota.
  • Claim a hosting spot through bloxcord and follow the instructions given. (More information on how to use the bloxcord session interface here .
  • Announce in-game. (Example of in-game announcement: “h An Advanced Training is being hosted, come to the Session Room to attend for a chance to be promoted! Anyone with the rank Deputy Warden or less is recommended to not attend”

Host/Co-Host Requirements

  • Must be professional at ALL times.
  • Must use grammar at ALL times.
  • Must respect ALL trainees.
  • Must maintain a decent pace.
  • Remove any rule breakers from the training.
  • Prison Commissioner+ may host without a supervisor.
  • Evaluated High-Rank officers are exempt from needing a supervisor.
  • Community Advisory Council must have a supervisor, ranked Prison Commissioner or higher.
  • Supervisors that supervise advanced-trainings, are mandated to be present for the session start only, after the session started they can leave.


STS on the Host/Co-Host instructional line

Host: Hello. Welcome to today’s advanced-training! My name is [Name], and I’ll be your host.

Co-Host: Hey! I’m [Name] your co-host, and I’ll be assisting in today’s advanced-training.

[The host/co-host may select their own greeting/introduction. However, it must be appropriate]

Host: Before we begin, let’s go over a few rules to help you pass this training!


I - You must call me and my Co-Host by our ranks at all times.

II - Do not go AFK (Away From Keyboard) or say PTS (Permission To Speak) while I am speaking, during this training. Doing this will result in removal.

III - You must be respectful to everyone at all times. Not following this will result in a removal of the training and a demotion/suspension.

IV - If there is any problem, come to me, my Co-Host or any other CP+ assistance. You must not ask us for a promotion/rank or it be instant removal.

V - Trolling of any form is unacceptable! Grammar must be used throughout this training. Trolling or not using grammar will result in a strike or instant removal of this training.

VI – PTS is active unless stated otherwise. Talking without permission WILL result in a strike

Host/Co-Host: All right, without further ado, let’s begin!

Training Information

This training will consist of four sections, Advanced Faces, Advanced Multi Facility Procedures, Room Clearing, and Advanced Scenarios.

Advanced Faces

Faces must be done, no excuses allowed. Faces are basically you facing the way the Host/Co-Host tells you.

Host/Co-Host, you have the option to go over faces or start the test right away.

Elimination is completely optional for the host to do!

Host/Co Host: We are now doing Faces. In this phase, we will be testing your reaction time and listening skills!

Host/Co Host: Please note that Left incline/Right incline may be asked no matter your ranking.

Host/Co-Host, you are not to explain each face as atendees are already to know what each face does. Only explain the Left incline/Right incline

Host/Co Host: I will only explain two new faces as you are all supposed know what each other basic face does.

Left Incline - Turn 45 degrees to the left from the current position.

Right Incline - Turn 45 degrees to the right from the current position.

Once done with Faces, you will proceed to the Advanced Multi Facility Procedures phase.

Advanced Multi Facility Procedures

This section is purely based around daily facility operations. Within this section- The attendees will be required to patrol the prison for twelve minutes .

You will not assign roles to the attendees. But however, explain that they are to follow the status and ensure that the instructional do-not-cross line information is enforced. Helpers/Co-Hosts are mandated to correct them and ask them questions throughout the section.

Host/Co-Host: Moving on, we will be practicing advanced multi facility procedures.

Host/Co-Host: Within this section, you will be expected to conduct facility operations per-usual without instruction. However, you are expected to use the “roleplay” models in-game.

Host/Co-Host: You are expected to use the do-not-cross instructional lines. In addition, you are required to maintain communication throughout the radio.

Host/Co-Host: You will also undergo a lockdown drill, a blackout drill, and an evacuation drill. You are required to obey by the procedures of the drill for three minutes each.

Host/Co-Host, you are not to state what to do when each drill is active as atendees are to know what to do.

Host/Co-Host: I will not be explaining what to do when each drill is active as you are all supposed to know what actions to make when a drill is occurring.

I - You are required to communicate, please use radio channel two to do so.

II - When communicating on the radio, use the format: [Rank] (Text). Example: [SI] Cell Block is clear!

III - Please, remember NOT to keep doors open and NOT to use lethal force unnecessarily.

IV - You will be asked questions about the daily-operations in a private-message. You must answer these questions with grammar to the best of your ability.

Example Questions:

The Host/Co-Host must privately-message attendees asking them questions in regards to what they are doing. You are permitted to ask your own questions.

  1. Where must all inmates be placed during a Lockdown drill?
  2. What does the patrol team do?
  3. What must staff members do during a Lockdown drill?
  4. What would you do if an inmate runs away from you when you are trying to bring them to their cell?

Lockdown Drill

When conducting a lockdown drill, you must ensure that all staff members are on the same page as you. This means that you must maintain communication during the drill to ensure that everything happens as planned.

Notice: If there is not enough inmates, you are permitted to team attendees to the rank of “inmate”.

Host/Co-host: h There is an ongoing Lockdown Drill, all guards are to know what to do when this drill is active.

Host: h All staff personnel associated with the session, please switch over to channel two to obtain further details.

You may carry out the Control panel abuse punishment for people failing to abide by this rule.

While the attendees are carrying out the lockdown drill, make sure to note down the most active, good communication and the ones who capture the inmates.

  • You will now announce that no-one can change the Status or lockdown, example below. (Only Host and Co-Host can change the Status and turn on/off lockdown)

Host/Co-Host:h Please do not change the Status or mess around with lockdown due to an ongoing session, failure to do so will result in a punishment.

Blackout Drill

Within this drill, the host/co-host is to shut down the power of the facility. We ask that you wait an additional two minutes, then the host/co-host may restore the power.

Note: It is recommended that the co-host(s) stand beside the door with the power-box, to ensure it does not get touched during the drill.

Notice: If there is not enough inmates, you are permitted to team attendees to the rank of “inmate”.

Host/Co-host: h There is an active blackout, guards are to know what to do when this drill is active.

You may carry out the Control panel abuse punishment for people failing to abide by this rule.

While the attendees are carrying out the blackout drill, make sure to note down the most active, good communication and the ones who capture the inmates.

Evacuation Drill

When conducting an evacuation drill, you must ensure that all staff members are on the same page as you. This means that you must maintain communication during the drill to ensure that everything happens as planned.

Host/Co-host : h There is an active evacuation, guards are to know what to do when this drill is active.

Host/Co-host: h any atendees ranked Superintedent or higher will recive the role of drill instructor. You are required to know what to do as this role. Please use the format [Rank/DI] (text) if you have been chosen for this role (SI+).

Host/Co-Host:h The situation has been resolved. Facility operations have been resumed

Wait one extra minute then call back atendees.

Host/Co-host: h All attendees associated with the on-going session. Please report to the session-room.

Once everyone is back, continue to the next phase.

Room Clearing

This section is purely based on clearing the main structure of the facility. In a timely, and efficient manner. During this section, attendees will clear the entire main hallway while maintaining proper formation/position the entire way through the procedure. Lethal force will be used throughout this section- any and all inmates within the hallway will be killed on-site.

Note: If a selected member confuses other members and or is not getting the concept. You may put them to the side until the section has been completed.

Note: The attendees are to start at the Session-Room and will conclude at the Maximum Security Yard. You are not permitted to enter actual stations where inmate personnel is held.

Please ensure attendees are in STS formation.

Host/Co-Host: We will be moving on to the single most important factor of practice. Clearing rooms/hallways. Today, we will be clearing the main hallway of the facility.

Host/Co-Host: Before we move forward, I will be moving you into a single file line. Please stay in your designated position. You must stay with the same line for the duration of this section.

Line the attendees up before going over the procedure... To ensure they have a visual of what to do.

Host/Co-Host: When we move forward. The two people in the front of the line will stand BESIDE the door, while everyone else will stand against the hallway wall.

The helper(s)/co-host(s) may lead the group. However, you are required to have two people in the front who understand this section completely.

Host/Co-Host: Once EVERYONE is in place, you will move on to the next door. We ask that you DO NOT close doors behind you when moving forward.

Host/Co-Host: When clearing the hallway, if there are any inmates roaming/inside of the hallway as we clear the main hallway. You are subject to eliminating the inmate.

Host/Co-Host: The lines we’ve created will represent which side of the hallway you will go to. The right line will go to the right side of the hallway, while the left goes to the left.

Host/Co-Host: We will be entering the Maximum Security Cellblock, then making our way down the hallway to the Maximum Security Yard.

Host/Co-Host: Does anyone have any questions before we begin this section?

Please ensure everyone understands, before moving forward. Please correct people as they go on.

Once finished. Please move on to the next section and relocate the attendees into the session-room.

h Everyone from the current training, please report back to the session room for further instruction.

Advanced Scenarios

Advanced Scenarios are highley demonstrations of how to handle a situation in a roleplaying environment. The session’s attendees are mandated to participate and shall be tested on their comprehension and correctness.

The current session supervisor MUST be present during Scenarios. Failure, will result in disciplinary consequences.

Host/Co-Host: We are now moving onto Advanced Scenarios! In this phase we are testing you on your knowledge of the rules, comprehension, grammar, and question correctness- in addition to your knowledge with equipment!

Host/Co-Host: Before we move forward, I’d like to address three important rules to pass this section.

  1. You may frisk or kill inmates, but you are not allowed to finish them. You may also kill criminals but not arrest them (just say -arrests-)

  2. DO NOT step outside the yellow box.

  3. The tools permitted for this section are handcuffs, tasers, Glocks and shields. The use of any other tools will result in a failure.

Host/Co-Host: Now please split up into 2 equal groups on the lime lines along the room.

We ask that the helper stands on one end of the box, while the attendee stands on the opposite side.

Host/Co-Host: Each one of you will be located one by one in the yellow box where you shall complete three scenarios.

  1. Staff Scenarios (Our helpers will act out a scenario where he is a member of staff and is breaking staff rules).

  2. Inmate Scenarios (Our helpers will be teamed and become inmates. They shall act out a scenario where inmates are using tools, showing any threat or are not following rules).

  3. Criminal Scenarios (Our helpers will become criminals and act out the scenario of a criminal raiding the prison and killing cops. Here your goal is to arrest them).

Host/Co-Host: Please note that inmates or criminals with tools are allowed to kill you if you take too long. Dying will result in an immediate fail. If you die, you will be revived be one of our helpers. DO NOT press the “Give Up” button as we will not let you back in the session room if you do.

Host: Helpers may pick their own scenario or ask one from the Host/Co-host/Supervisor.

Once everyone is finished, make sure they are all STS on the main blue line.

Concluding the Advanced Training

  1. You will then tick “passed” on Bloxcord for attendees having passed at least 3 phases.

  2. Once passers are confirmed you will head over to the “ranking” section and promote the ones that are off cooldown.

  3. The hosting team will then go over to the “grading” section and grade each other.

  4. Remember to use the correct format when logging (Found in #training-logs’ Pins) and the promotions if there are any are to be logged in #promotion-logs.

Host: We have now completed all phases of the advanced training! In a few minutes, I will announce the passers. During this time feel free to chat amongst yourselves (PTS inactive).

Announce the Passers

Host: Before I announce our passers, everyone keep in mind that you can get up to Chairperson if you pass this session. Meaning that if you are a Superintendent, you can get a promotion if not on cooldown.

Announce the passers and procceed.

Host: If you have been promoted from this training, you will have a cooldown ranging from 3 days – 1 week. Please check with us if you’re unsure!

Host: This is the end of the Advanced Training! It has been an honor and a joy being your host today!

Co-Host: I as well, want to say it was amazing being your co-host today! You all did great! All dismissed!

h The advanced training is now over! Passers please say !rejoin to be able to see your new ranks! All dismissed from the session room!"

That is all for the new Advanced Training I made. Make sure to comment for questions.

-skyzzzz11 (or most commonly known as felipeEruimEchato [Username]). Stateview Superintendent.


It seems you’ve posted some sort of training or shift guide. This is a reminder that this thread is unofficial and no staff should be following this sort of guide. All official guides are located in Staff Information.

no one would ever want to host this as it is 4 phases and all 3 drills not to mention room clearing which not a lot of people understand

I already Disliked this from the start if your gonna make FD+ Cohosts then make CP+ helpers

Oh ya. Sure!. Since Superintendents can maybe get promoted and be able to help in these trainings.

All drills are needed without explanations since any Superintendents are to know exactly what they need to do when each drill is active. Room clearing will have a big explanation, as well as very low ranks can be auto-passed well as explained what to do since they don’t have that much experience.

bro :skull::skull:


To be CP+ you must be in both.

So what? I just copied it anyways.