New cadet rights

What I want to request is a bit like Church_Of_Jaba’s (Remove Cadets' rights)

I think cadets should not get ANY rights and they should only get a taser and not any other tool. They also should not be allowed to participate in a session so that they can wait to get to level four and be able to claim correctional officer. Correctional officer should now be allowed to join the Emergency Response Team but not have a gun. The emergency response team rank has been removed for this to work. When the correctional officer reaches level 8, it can now claim commander.




No, most shifts are full of CAO and not allowing them would make a lot of sessions cancel due to lack of attendees

I said not to allow CAO not CO

Sorry typo I meant CAO.

Chair Person

Hello skyzzzz11,

I do agree with this somewhat, however, without Cadets {CAO} sessions wouldn’t be
hosted as often due to them being canceled more often.

Other than that though, I do agree that Cadets are the cause of a good amount of tool abuse and just abuse in general.

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The only way to fight solid answers is with a WHY?

Helloooo, the whole point of ERT is that you have a better weapon.

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Yea. But I was not talking about ERT.