Remove Cadets' rights

Make it so that they can’t use cuffs outside of arresting criminals, can’t use the control panel, and don’t get firearms. Mainly because cadets abuse all three of these things constantly.


@Church_of_Jaba They are just learning, and in real life Cadets have Guns.

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Most correctional officers in prisons do not carry firearms unless they are isolated away from the prison population. However, in the past, jailer key guns were used as backup power when opening cell doors.0 The correctional system places tighter restrictions on the use of firearms, and officers might carry guns while patrolling the perimeter or transporting inmates. Prisons also store weapons in secure armories in case of riots or hostage situations. On the inside, if guards need to suppress a fight, they typically use tasers, gas, physical force, or simply try to calm the inmates down.2 Federal correctional officers are pre-approved to carry a concealed firearm in the entire United States under the 2004 Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. However, they were previously prohibited from bringing their guns onto the grounds of their workplaces.1


Okay… Then it’s kinda good… but they will struggle to keep order

Then that’s what ERT is for.

more character

more character

more character


ah yes the very likely scenario

I am COMM & this actually happens to me. Imagine if I was a CO

I don’t believe you for obvious reasons, it sounds like you play on like 3 player servers and play on corrections team

Nah, I join a random server & there is like 5 inmates no criminals and I play on ERT cause I have ERT

well, still a small server, also, it is possible to restore order without guns.

What if I joined and they were criminals.
This has also happened to me before I was CO - I was LSI

arrest them? like duh, u gonna let them do whatever they want??

Uh. Impossible. No cops were actually in the server

I mean possible if you’re skilled enough

Uhh like 20 V 1 how would you beat them

Cause Yard Tower was open and I spawned in yard so I just had to walk out

@goodbee Oh they might…

wouldnt hurt to make them have a little less right, like maybe not able to access things like the electric chair

Why dont we just get RPGs to blow into their faces when they are abusing