New department?

Add a new department kind of like grenadiers to Stateview. They are to patrol the prison in a formal manner when on duty. They are on duty when they are in there own team. Now what they can do is just really guard but, they the highest authority over others. They will have other weapons and uniforms. They are not to speak unless they are to tell guards move out of the way. If guards are being disruptive they can simply shoot them dead. They are to complete 90 degree turns as well as walk around with their primary gun in their hands in the down position. They are also to stop at each status to guard it for a while. These users may bypass rank restricted rooms as well as go inside the SR at any time independent of it being locked or not. During a session if they go inside the session room they are not to disturb the session. They are allowed to spectate sessions without asking but they must leave to continue the patrol. They are to patrol until of duty. When off duty they are not be in their team and do not need to follow the regulations until on duty again. If these users are struck down, they are to just give up and continue the patrol. They are not to react to anything or speak to anyone on duty. They are only to shoot guards if they are being disruptive or if they do not make way once told to. These user are also not to jump and they are also not allowed to join any other department. These users are the most seniors of Stateview. Tell me your opinions. It may be useless but it could be cool. What should it be called?


That’s very cool! Its kind of like a British guard. I was thinking of a name with like the word ‘Sentinel’…'Sentinel Guardian’s, something cool like that.

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Hello! I love this idea but have a few reservations. With this idea, it moves away from the realism projected within the server. This isn’t to say that a new department couldn’t be opened up. that’s primary objective is to protect VIPs (SI+). In terms of patrolling, the grenadier gaurds in real life stay stationed at restricted or high volume locations. In terms of SV, these areas may include the SR, CR, HCO, EC, and exit doors by officer spawn.

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  • Callum [SI, Training Support Agent]

Yes. Guard posts could by in these places. Guard posts could be a little outlined box or just a space.

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Sentinel corpse could work.


No, there is no reason for this to exist. This is SVOC’s job.

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No it is not.


What’s the difference between this and OC?


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OC is meant to oversee staff making sure they patrol right. This department is here to guard important points of the prison making it safer.

This makes their job pointless, if anything they should explain to the individual breaking rules what they have done. Shooting them dead and not saying anything won’t resolve anything, this’ll only cause tension and problems. This “department” won’t be added due to OC doing this already, adding on GA exists which is responsible for the enforcement of in-game rules.

OC is responsible for overseeing the entire facility, staff, inmates, enforcing rules, etc. OC does much more than just overseer staff, they are responsible for the facility in-game. Overseer Command officers safeguard the roleplay experience for others.

Prison Commissioner

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This is a prison, not a victorian dungeon.


This department has nothing to due with OC. They are not supposed to look around for rulebreakers. Their job is to guard High points in the prison.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “high points”?

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Places like HICOM offices, CR, Spawns, exit, etc.

    1. This would be boring as 𝗳𝘂𝗰𝗸. No one would join this department nor would EC or leadership approve of this.
    1. There really is no need for people to guard any of the places listed.
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Adding on, this would make escaping extremely hard and this would ruin the fun in the game as a whole.

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No it wont lol.


How so, explain to me how this won’t make it hard to escape with

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OC exists and also not only would this be boring as previously mentioned, but it would also be a waste of time and budget because it is so similiar to OC


It would just be really, really boring.

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