New team : Snipers!

Snipers would spawn on random watch towers and they would have sniper rifle , glock , cuffs and tazer sniper rifle damage : 2 shoots in body = kill or 1 shoot in head = kill sniper rifle reloads time = 8 secounds bullets in it = 30 and infinite. You would can get sniper when you get lvl 25 I thinks its good sugestion.

Signed by : Warden


I agree this would help fight off a bit of criminal but there should be a limit of how many people could be a sniper but it should be Commander or PI+


This is a good idea !
I seems like a good way to keep Crimson from the prison or keep inmates fro escaping
#Sub to Sebee!

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good idea to add snipers into the game


Snipers would be too OP in my opinion

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But like still at this point the amount of raids happening and the fact they would have to aim to try to hit you while having like 5 criminals charging the prison it would come as some sort of a defense and as i believe most prisons irl have some type of it.

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Irl prisons dont even have weapons most time only the Response team (here ERT) but these are not located in the prison as far as I know

One thing I have to say:
Nah bro.

This is a prison game not a war game, the developers will never add that.

Dd3819 (W)

The M4 is already brutal since it has very little recoil (compared to the AKM at least). People already use it as a sniper. An actual sniper would be either overpowered to used as a shotgun.

yes but w+ to get it it will be fair because it will be OP

If they do add snipers they should make it two bullet and 6 second reload to make it not be op. 4 bullets to the body to kill. Two to the head to kill.

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Only if the player who joins in it, has a good aiming skills.

A real prison have snipers, in the towers.
(I just say)

Nope, they dont even ha e gins there.

SNIPERS IN TOWERS? Thats not true lol
Prisons almost never get raided irl, and if they do get raided a sniper isnt going to stop it

Um … you know, snipers in prisons are very useful because they can shoot bullets into the raider until they break into jail.

And the prisons can get raided at any time.

Yeah, guns do tend to shoot bullets at a target. A sniper would be too over powered so no.

Yes add snipers while your at it add mini guns and rocket launchers.

Maybe there would be an aim assist because sometimes a HiComm is coming back from outside the prison and their outfit is pretty orange making you think they are a Criminal it would say Friendly or enemy and it would also track them a little by clicking a key when you are ADS and it would follow them if they are enemy and if you were to shoot it would deal reduced dmg and have a lot of recoil regardless